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About Me

This crazy "Durbanite"was born in Africa and grew up in the coastal city of Durban which is located on the east cost of South Africa's KwaZulu Natal province which is known for its African, Indian and colonial influences.


The warm subtropical climate and extensive beaches makes it a truly "must see" destination in South Africa. The rich and diverse cultural backdrop together with the fantastic climate is party why I now feel so at home living on the East Coast of Singapore. I guess you could say I went from one East Coast to another. 

If we quickly rewind back to 2014, my first real taste of travel start when I embarked on a journey to the Grand Cayman Islands in the Caribbean for one of my best mates wedding which took me from Johannesburg to London, New York City, Washington DC and Miami before finally arriving in Grand Cayman. Looking back several years later on that epic journey, I believe this was the beginning of the awakening of the "travel monster" inside me and I can totally understand why people can get addicted to travelling and exploring the big world waiting out there for us. 

Coming back to Asia, I was fairly fortunate to have done a fair amount of travelling for work in Africa and Europe but other than a short business trip to Australia back in 2006 I had never done any real travelling in Asia.  

The opportunity presented itself in 2016 to relocate to Singapore, which is by far one of the most amazing cities in the world, was not only a great career move but also the perfect base of operations for exploring South East Asia. 


I have been living and working here now a little over 2 years already and during that time I have visited India, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Japan and China and to be honest I have only just started to scratch the surface so I am really exited to see what travel and adventures lie ahead in the next couple years and using DTreks to share the travel adventures.

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